Hi, My name is Anshukant
and I’m a Lifestyle coach

My love for nutrition was born during my college days at Rajasthan Technical University. I was fascinated by the way food affects our bodies and minds, and I knew that I wanted to learn more about this field. I eagerly soaked up every bit of information that I could find, and I was constantly seeking out new knowledge and resources.

After I graduated, I went on to work for several organizations in various fields across India. I tried my hand at operations, sales, and learning and development, but my passion for nutrition never waned. No matter what job I was doing, I always found myself drawn to the topic of health and wellness.

It was difficult to see so many of my colleagues and superiors suffering from poor health as they pursued their corporate dreams. Many of them were overweight, stressed, and constantly battling various health issues. It was heartbreaking to see people sacrificing their health for the sake of their careers.

Despite the challenges, I refused to give up on my passion for nutrition. I continued to educate myself on the subject, devouring books, articles, and online resources. I also began experimenting with my own diet and lifestyle, trying different approaches to see what worked best for me.

Over time, my dedication and hard work paid off. I became more knowledgeable about nutrition and health, and I was able to help others improve their well-being as well. I felt a sense of purpose and fulfillment in being able to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Today, I am grateful for the path that led me to where I am now. My passion for nutrition has given me a sense of purpose and meaning, and it has allowed me to help others improve their health and well-being. I am excited to continue on this journey, and I am eager to see where it will take me next.

The Holistic Approach to Optimal Health

I understand that true health involves a holistic approach. It’s not just about what we eat, but how we move, how we manage our emotions and stress, and how we nurture our spiritual and intellectual selves. By addressing all of these aspects, we can achieve a state of true well-being and optimal health.

In my practice, I strive to provide personalized and individualized approaches to nutrition and wellness. I take the time to understand each client’s unique needs and goals, and I work with them to develop a plan that is tailored to their specific requirements.

Overall, I believe that in order to achieve optimal health, we must take a holistic approach and consider all aspects of our being. By doing so, we can create a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle that promotes not just physical health, but emotional, mental, spiritual, and intellectual well-being as well.


We have seen the amazing benefits of an lifestyle management approach towards demonstrate how making positive changes to one’s diet, exercise, and stress management can lead to significant improvements in overall health and well-being.

Through these Improvement stories, we can see the transformative impact that personalized nutrition and lifestyle interventions can have on individuals struggling with health issues. By taking a holistic approach to health and wellness, and addressing all aspects of an individual’s well-being, these individuals have been able to achieve remarkable improvements in their health outcomes.

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A fun fact about Anshukant is that while he may have studied engineering in college, he has always been passionate about nutrition and healthy living. In fact, he realized early on that his true calling lay in helping people improve their health and wellbeing through proper nutrition. This led him to pursue further education and training in the field of nutrition, eventually leading him to become a highly respected lifestyle coach. Despite his background in engineering, Anshukant's journey to becoming a coach was fueled by his deep passion for nutrition and his desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. He has used his unique combination of skills and expertise to create customized food plans that are not only delicious but also promote optimal health and well-being. Anshukant's story is a testament to the power of following your passions and pursuing a career that aligns with your values and interests