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Ramesh Acharya

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Lost 40 Kg in 5 months

An Astounding Transformation

The very first day was an eye opener for me. 107 kg weight on my weighting Machine. Then I made up my mind for weight loss. Fortunately, I got a contact number of Mrs. Anshukant. He observed my schedule and routine. He also enquired about my food liking and disliking. He patiently made me understand my body needs. He suggested an exclusive diet plan I followed strictly. I lost 300 GM weight the very first day. I boosted my self-confidence. He talked me at regular intervals and kept changing my meal plan as per my wish. His Parathas and pakoras recipes made my days. I never thought that I was on any kind of strict diet plan even though, I enjoyed my favourite meal during this program. The diet plan has been scientifically designed to change my lifestyle. Now I feel more energetic and enthusiastic. I lost 35 kg in 4 months. I do believe that I will lose more 10kg. I enjoy my transformation journey. Under his guidance, I learnt how to live a healthy life I lost unwanted fat not the nutritional properties. The whole process has been smoothly fabricated. I thank Mr. Anshukant for this great unbelievable transformation. He made impossible into possible. Really, I have never thought that I could have achieved the state of overall well-being­­.

40 Kg Weight Loss in 5 Months

My outlook to live Life has been modified by Mr. Anshukant. I can’t express my gratitude in words. His lifestyle management course has taken me into an era of positive health. My coach Anshukant worked dexterously on my food nature. My journey of losing weight is not only about weight loss, it is about toxic fat loss. The credit goes to his customised diet plans.

I have been a diehard fan of junk food like pasta, pizza etc. I never compromised with my food taste. So he crafted a delicious fast food recipe for me. The process has been incredible. It really a fairy tale. I honestly endorse his lifestyle management program his rice diet enriched me with vast knowledge about nutrition. Due to an overweight knee joint pain has been replaced by an active lifestyle. Many multiple positive sides of my personality are visible. It also increased testosterone levels. I feel more rejuvenated and got compliments of my younger age.40

Shahid Usta

Bikaner, Rajsthan

Lost 40 Kg in 5 months

Age 70 Years

Laxminarayan ji Maheshwari

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Lost 40 Kg in 5 months

Age is Just a Number

I am delighted to share and thankful to Mr. Anshukant’s lifestyle management program. Despite my age of 70 years, I embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and successfully reduced 35 kg in Just 5 months. This huge achievement has become more impressive by following Rajasthani traditional food. Simultaneously I did not compromise with my inclination towards indigenous meals. I had deep-rooted love for conventional cuisine. Mr. Anshukant recognised my body requirement. I adopt a balanced diet of my own choice. It was full of local ingredients and flavours, ensuring that the meal was both nourishing and satisfying my journey is really an inspiring one.

Dr. Ritika Pugalia

I express my gratitude to Mr. Anshukant, Whose Rejuvenation & Fat Loss Program Has brought a sea-change in my health and skin issue. I was in a dilemma of what to do and where to go for solution. My skin problems have aggravated the concern. Hence, I was desperate to lose weight. Luckily I joined this rejuvenation program. Anshukant never prohibited me to enjoy favourite food. Now I have become a huge fan of his smoothies & delicately designed recipes. The cuisines took less time in cooking. Being a doctor I can give more time to my patients. I lost 10 kg and dropped overall 20 extra inches. It’s natural beauty parlour which gave me permanent rejuvenation. I found my glowing skin back. I strongly recommend this program because I adopted and found that small changes in lifestyle have made the difference. Eventually, it became part and parcel of my daily lifestyle. .

Shyam Babu

I thank Mr. Anshukant, nutrition coach for braking the shackles of syndrome x. I was very scared about my inactivity. One of my most scaring symptoms was excess body fat around the waist. I was overweight. My friend suggest me Anshukant's Syndrom X program . He studied my health problem. He guided me to change my lifestyle for a better cause. Ultimately I got results this research based diet plan and habits changes delayed and prevented the deployment of serious health problem. My digestive system improved gradually. Now, no one can say that I had been a victim of obesity. I gained my life back.F

Arti Agarwal

Hello ! I am Aarti Agrawal, Daughter in law of “MOZIKA GROUP” Jaipur. I had been suffering from sjogren’s syndrome is a disorder of immune system identified by its two most common symptoms dry eyes and dry mouth. I was utterly depressed. With god’s grace I came across Mr. Anshukant, lifestyle coach. He listened my ailment patiently and found out the physical problem. He recommended a balance diet chat which I followed regularly. With its effect all symptoms were gone. Otherwise I was tired but after joining Mr. Anshukant programme I felt more Energetic. I reduced 10 kg and my skin got its natural glow.

Suvinee Chandak ​

It’s quite naturally to gain weight after pregnancy. The most important thing is that you cannot cut the meal since baby gets nourishment through mothers breastfeeding. It is very changeling job to lose weight during this phase. Coach Mr. Anshukant pregnancy care programme took great care of this things and provided rich diet which are beneficial for both mother and baby in first three months as child’s brain development is fully boosted via omega and after calcium for bone growth. Indeed, it is a miracle that mother and infant get required nutrition properly. After 45 days I lost my extra 10 kg as well as child got ample nutrition. I really enjoy my food without starving.

Mitashree Rankawat

I am a lecturer by profession in govt. polytechnic college Bikaner. I am a homemaker and working women along with mother. My daily routine was very hectic, I suffered from health issue like UTI, ginning too much weight. Though I tried gym, aerobics, walking etc. luckily I came to know about Mr. Anshukant and his exclusive lifestyle management programme. After investigating my reports, he provided a lifestyle course to be followed. At a result I lost 10 kg weight in just 55 days. Dream came true. My joy knows no bounds because this program has not only reduced weight but also checked health problems. Such as patches and pigmentation of my skin have been erased hair fall has been stopped specs are of no use as my eye side become stronger. UTI issue has been solved. I regained my lost confidence. Now after losing 20 inches of fat. I got my old dress back. Hormonal imbalance resulted in menstruation cycle disorder. Hormonal balancing brought good changes in my body. This health problem has been overcome. My little changes in daily life are responsible for great health transformation even, I look forward to continue lifestyle management programme to live healthy and happy life.

Shakuntala Mantri

I want to thank mr. Anshukant for this incredible lifestyle management program. I had never imagined such positive transformation. His comprehensive approach to health Is remarkable His timely guidance has been instrumental in helping me to navigate the intricacies of managing my cholesterol level effectively. The customize diet plan he provide was tailored specifically to my needs and preferences. Its not only help me to choose healthier food but also introduced to a variety of delicious and nutritious options. His explanation has been enlightening and empowering my cholesterol levels has significantly improved. thanks for life changing experience.