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Constipation: Relationship Between Frequent Laxative Use and Nutritional Deficiencies

Constipation and lifestyle
The Power of Lifestyle: Breaking Free from Constipation and Embracing Digestive Wellness

Constipation: Sleep Troubles to Hormonal Imbalances

Constipation plates millions of people across the world, men, women and children, and it is a serious condition. Just consider the fact you don’t need science and research to tell you what happens when we keep toxic waste inside of our body. The human body has five eliminatory organs, your lungs, your liver, your kidney, your colon, and your skin. At any given point, if anyone of these five exits are blocked, we have the possibility of disease. We have the possibility of medical ailments. We have to understand that passing a motion every single day is extremely, extremely important for our health. Some people pass two motions, some people pass 3 motions, some people pass one.

But it is so important because constantly everything that we eat, nutrients from the food gets get absorbed into our cells for various functions. And there is the waste that’s left, that’s leftover. That waste has to come out of the human body if it stays in your body. Like I said, you don’t need science and research to tell you what can go wrong. Connections between Constipation, headaches, migraines, bloating, acidity, flatulence, poor skin, dull looking skin, thinning of hair, inability to lose weight because the body becomes acidic. And we all know that the more and more acidic you are, the more impossible it is for the human body to lose weight, no matter how much you exercise and how well you eat.

Sleep Disturbances and Health

Sleep issues because you can’t sleep at night if you have toxic gases in the human body. Diseases like cancer, kidney issues: issues, hormonal issues. Because every time a woman is constipated, estrogen, which needs which needs to pass out, is now backed up into your colon and then further backed up into your liver and put back into your body, creating estrogen dominance. And most PCOD issues today, most ER positive breast cancers have a relation with estrogen dominance. So we need to understand something as simple as Constipation can lead to innumerable problems. And sometimes just curing someone’s Constipation can take care of five or 10 different problems in the human body.

Why are you constipated

Many people are ashamed to talk about their Constipation. Many people learn to live with it, with laxatives and stool softeners and all of that stuff. And because they pass a motion, because something chemical is inducing that motion to be passed, we believe it’s OK to live a life and we say that we are not constipated. But you need to understand that. You need to check and address the underlying Causeway of why are you constipated in the first place. You can take laxatives, you will pass the motion, you can take stool softeners, you will pass the motion. But over and overtime, what a laxative is going to do to you is your bowel movement. You’re going to lose control of your bowel movement and you will not be able to pass the motion without being dependent on a laxative. So you weaken those muscles and plus when you take a laxative or a stool softener, you’re not just passing out the motion. You’re upsetting the entire electrolyte balance in your colon. You’re also passing out good bacteria, good vitamins, and nutrients, which is why people who constantly take laxatives also have nutritional deficiencies. Because you’re in your colon. This is where the food finally gets assimilated, and nutrients now have to be absorbed across.

Connecting the Dots:

Your intestinal lining into your blood to be absorbed by your trillions of cells. But here you are pushing a laxative and that is pushing out the stool and most of the vitamins even before they can be assimilated into nutrients for absorption. So these are the problems now, many a times we may need laxatives and we may need stool softeners because of certain treatments that we take or certain medications that we take. It may be necessary. But you use it only for that time. You cannot get dependent on it. You have to put in that effort to change your lifestyle. So basically, let’s look at, let’s look at Constipation in a holistic manner. If you are straining to pass out your stools, that’s the worst thing you could ever do. All piles, all hemorrhoids are mainly caused because you strain to pass your stool out. Straining is bad for people with heart problems and cardiovascular issues. Constant straining over the years are also linked to cardiovascular issues and blood pressure. So if you are straining to pass out your stools, most of the time it is a sign that you are constipated hard stools. If your stools are constantly hard, it means you are constipated. If you have incomplete evacuation, which means you pass the stool but you still are left with a heavy feeling that I’ve not passed everything out, I still have something to pass out. You are constipated if you have anal blockages, and if you have to manually use methods to remove stools from your system, you are constipated. Now, what are some of the symptoms of Constipation, Bloating. Flatulence. Acidity. Gas. Anxiety?

Constipation and anxiety

Constipation is also linked to anxiety. You have fatigue, you have lower back pain, you have irritability and you have frustration. All of these things together because you cannot think clear if you have toxic waste which is producing toxic gas in your body. It produces something called brain fog or cloudiness of the brain, which doesn’t allow you to think straight and small things will irritate you, small things will Causeway anxiety because your brain has to be clear when you’re thinking and when you’re living a normal life. If there are toxins in your liver and kidney or toxic gas in your colon, it will not allow you to think the right way. And then we find other ways to treat that, never looking at the underlying Causeway, which could be something as simple as Constipation.

Now, Constipation is multifactorial. It is usually your diet. It’s your movement, it’s your sleep or even stress levels

#1 Dehydration

There are two things to see if you’re constipated. If you are not drinking the right amount of water, you see your stools. The bulk of your stools require water to form. So every time you take a laxative, all the laxative is doing is adding wetness to your stools, making it a little bulkier so that you can pass it out. Now that can be done naturally by just increasing your water intake. So important dehydration will Causeway Constipation. I know people who drink 2 to 3 glasses of water in a day. That is insufficient for your immunity, for your bowel movement, for your blood, for every single function in the human body. So the first thing is your water intake. Are you having sufficient amounts of water?

#2 Fiber

The second thing is your fiber. We all know that fiber causes the bulk of the stool. It has a mechanical process as it passes down through your stomach, through your intestines, into your colon, forming the bulk of your stool. So if you have the right amount of fiber, Psyllium husk (esabgol) is indeed a popular and effective source of dietary fiber. It is derived from the seeds of the Plantago ovata plant and is known for its high soluble fiber content. Psyllium husk is often used as a natural laxative and can help regulate bowel movements and relieve constipation. Additionally, it may have some benefits for heart health by lowering cholesterol levels and promoting satiety. note that I’m saying the right amount, and not too much because it’s not a good thing to overdose on too much of fiber. As well, it can cause inflammation in your gut, and that could lead to IBS and other gut issues as well. The right amount of fiber comes when we have a balanced diet. We’re eating the right amount of fruits, raw vegetables, nuts, seeds. Lentils, whole grains, and of course your cooked vegetables. You have a balanced diet, you will have sufficient fiber. You don’t.

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